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Oct 12, 2012 7:00am PDT
defensive on foreign policy, joe biden showed once again, he has the experience and had the information. and details matter. and joe biden provided those, too. >> you saw the romney campaign zeroing in on the smiles and laughs from joe biden. >> yeah, and look, it's an interesting bar for success. democrats feel because he restored what obama lost last week, got them back to equilibrium. that it was a success. but that doesn't represent any threat to the momentum that romney was able to create from last week's debate. from the romney side, they felt they got their campaign in a good place last week. and paul ryan didn't do anything to jeopardize that momentum, that forward motion that they were able to put in place in those swing states. >> the bottom line, how does this set the table for the presidential debate tuesday night? >> last week, mitt romney tried to pivot to the middle. joe biden pushed them right back to the far right where they've been all campaign season. next week, president obama has to keep mitt romney back in that extreme position. and once again, tell the american pe
Oct 11, 2012 7:00am PDT
't sort of who started it. the question is, what did he do? did he punch? and remember, his defense is now saying, this wasn't self-defense. they're saying he was purely a victim. his girlfriend is down on the ground. he, quote, extends his arm. and a police officer comes from behind him. and the next thing he knows, he's getting tased and hit with batons and, et cetera. his lawyer is portraying him as a victim here. >> how does the defense combat the police officer's words against his client's words? >> it's tough for the defendant. the videotape is going to be very important. in cases where there's a videotape, you start seeing the analysis go frame-by-frame. every movement that occurred on the videotape, if it ultimately goes to trial, becomes absolutely crucial. you have eyewitnesses, other police officers. there are a lot of people there. you have a lot of potential eyewitnesses. and a videotape. >> and potentially more arrests in this case. >> the investigation is ongoing. >> dan abrams, thanks so much. we appreciate it. >>> time, now, for the weather and sam champion. >> amy, when y
Oct 8, 2012 7:00am PDT
the judge made this ruling, i bet it was that moment that the defense attorney went to the prosecutors and said, okay, i may not have been ready to cut a deal, but now i am. >> we understand why the defense made that move. why would prosecutors agree to this? >> because this wasn't that easy of a case. yes, you've got text messages but you've got the family of the alleged victim, this boy, supporting her and saying he wasn't a victim here. so imagine now the trial taking place where you've got this young man taking the witness stand, really supporting her account. you've got his family supporting her account, her side, makes it a tough case to prosecute. >> what do you think this deal may look like? >> well, i think it's probably a misdemeanor. probably something like 30 days in jail. maybe no jail time. just probation. something very light. conditions that, for example, she shouldn't teach again, et cetera. but that's the sort of deal i'd expect. remember, you were talking about something for each of the two charges here, up to five years, even if convicted of those likely would have
Oct 7, 2012 4:00am PDT
meningitis caused about i a bacteria and can be fatal one in ten times. there's a little defense. this is meningitis, an inflammation around the brain and spinal cord caused about i a fungus. much less common but can be just as deadly. we're talking about symptoms, nausea, high fever, stiff neck and this is what we're seeing in this outbreak. >> it's being linked to that steroid injection. how so? >> right, so the thinking intoer is that it's a contamination in either the production or packaging process as you said, this is a preservative-free steroid that came from a pharmacy in massachusetts. bianna, this i've distributed over 17,000 doses of this drug. it has been recalled but obviously the cdc is urging anyone who's had this injection in their back, steroid injection after july 1st to contact the doctor or the clinic that they got it from to find out if it came from massachusetts. >> quickly what are symptoms to look for. >> fever, nausea, stiff neck, generalized body aches, these are thing if you had this steroid injection this your back you want to get to your doctor or med
Oct 10, 2012 7:00am PDT
appreciate the lie detector results that he told us about. i appreciate the statement that the defense made, the p.r. effort that they have made. but this is my concern. my concern is the evidence. and also, i don't believe that there was an affair. and i don't even want to talk about that or conjecture about it because that only drags down her reputation. that's not what this is about. this is about the physical evidence. there are nine blows to the right side of the head only. the shards of the coffee cup are still in his head. there is blood, inconsistent with a fall. there is blood down the stairs. blood on his bed where she found him. there's blood at the fridge. what did he do? beat himself in the head with a coffee cup and have a snack? there's blood in the linen closet. and blood going to the garage. this is not a fall. >> the question is, what is the evidence, though, that she did it? there's no question there's evidence that poses questions here. but i think they have a real problem here in terms of the direct evidence that she's responsible as opposed to someone might have been r
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)